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A prerecorded message from RMS

By: FSF35 anniversary event videos (fsf@framatube.org)

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FSF founder Richard Stallman shares his views on 35 years of FSF. [Transcribe this video](https://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:FSF/FSF35)

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@fsf 看了这个反对 #Zoom 的视频,让我想到了中国的学校里面强制要求学生使用更加恶心丑陋的 #微信 和 #腾讯课堂 。
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@fsf RMS 最近被很多人攻击,我个人认为这些人大多数都是想趁机攻击自由软件。这个世界上除了 RMS 之外没有多少人真正的支持自由软件了。如果这些估计自由软件的人成功了,这个世界恐怕会彻底落入一种恐怖的状态。
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Jimi Viita-aho
@fsf The biggest issue is that people don't know why does this matter, because even universities do not teach critical thinking towards software licencing. I think that's the thing we really need to change. And some people don't even know there are alternatives to consider, so if we just tell them there are options some people will get interested, but most importantly we must teach the teachers
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@fsf I hate to say this but that student RMS describes will not get the attention RMS describes. The fight we have on our hands has roots in a much bigger problem with the type of society we live in today. It's going to take something bigger than what the FSF is attempting to do to change this. Our enemy is formidable and martyrdom won't fix this.
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Vancha :fedora:
@fsf I almost feel like a large part of this goal has already been achieved. There's free software for just about anything. Sure maybe it's not always the fastest or convenient solution, but usually it is the "best" one. That may depend on who you ask, but a less convenient freedom respecting application, is in my opinion better than a convenient proprietary program. Let's just all, in one way or another, make the state of free software a little better, and we'll get there.
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A lot has happened recently in the Free Software community. During the lockdown, my father had to take classes. He is not an expert on tech stuff, so needed something easy. So I set up Jitsi Meet for him. It's working great so far, even better than proprietary options. Students had no problems whatsoever (which is rare in case of these remote things). Some years ago this would be so difficult to do using Free Software. But now it's possible. Thanks to FSF for holding on to the values. Happy birthday to FSF!
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